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Vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) Product Installation

Protect and preserve tanks, casing and pipelines

Proactive Corrosion Control for Oil & Gas Assets

Meridian Pipeline Services (Meridian) has partnered with industry leader Zerust® Oil & Gas, to provide turnkey Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) installations for tanks, casings, and pipeline preservation projects, throughout the United States. A Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) is a cost-effective way to maintain and preserve your oil and gas assets, while also monitoring corrosion rates. Meridian team has performed hundreds of VCI product installations for pipeline casings, storage tanks, and pipeline preservation projects. During the VCI installation, Meridian also installs electrical resistance (ER) probes to help monitor the rate of corrosion of your assets.

Meridian offers a combination of expertise in all phases of cathodic protection and AC mitigation with an informed, consultative approach to comprehensive pipeline integrity and regulatory compliance. We can offer clients fully integrated turnkey services backed by specialized knowledge and experience. From field work to design and installation, our fully integrated service approach backed by experience and proper equipment, help our clients’ complete projects on time and on budget.

VCI Installation Types

Meridian Pipeline Services provides turnkey VCI installations for:

• Shorted Casings
• Above Ground Storage Tanks
• Pipeline Preservation Projects

Pipe Casing.JPG
Tank SSB CRD IDS_inhibitor injection slu
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Casing Installations
For decades, pipelines that cross underneath roadways and rail lines were cased to provide extra protection upon installation. Over time the outer pipe that cases the carrier pipe can fill with water and contaminates, resulting in unexpected corrosion. Additionally, the casing can shift positions causing the carrier pipe to contact the casing causing a metallic short. Traditional mitigation of these problems include filling the casing with wax to clear the short or excavating the line to fix the short, both of which are time-consuming and can be costly. The most cost-effective solution is to install VCI through the vents into the casing to neutralize corrosion threats. Meridian uses state of the art equipment to provide full-service mitigation of these shorted casings via turnkey installation of VCI product (powder, slurry, or high viscosity gel as per project.

Tank Installations
Above ground storage tanks often create challenges when it comes to controlling corrosion, whether in our out of service. The most cost-effective way to preserve the integrity of above-ground storage tanks is to utilize VCIs regardless of the surface it resides on. Whether single or double bottom, on soil, sand, bitumen, or concrete, Meridian helps provide mitigation solutions by installing dry or injection chime ring seals, ring wall and underside injections, tank leg protection, internal floods, and dry or underside drip tubes.

Pipeline Preservation
As pipelines await being put into service, bacteria often develops after hydrotesting due to the pipeline not being completely dry. Bacteria coupled with water and oxygen can create a corrosive environment for the internal walls of the pipeline. VCI applications can be administered to help preserve pipe segments for many years much more affordably than nitrogen. Whether it is a new or existing pipeline, the VCI forms a barrier against oxidation to protect the inside of the asset. Meridian provides VCI installation solutions for pipeline preservation for liquid and gas pipelines. This cost-effective solution keeps assets ready for transportation.

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