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Turnkey AC Mitigation Design and Installation Informed by Expert Collaboration

Turnkey AC Mitigation

Meridian Pipeline Services recognizes that the expansion of urban development and energy infrastructure often causes pipelines to share right-of-way corridors with high voltage power lines. This shared space of co-located utilities subjects pipelines to induced voltage from alternating current (AC) interference effects and, if not properly mitigated, can cause pipeline integrity damage and personnel safety issues.

For AC mitigation modelling and design, our pipeline integrity team collaborates with our electrical engineering team to provide comprehensive AC mitigation solutions. Our solutions are grounded in an understanding of electromagnetic propagation and accelerated corrosion effects due to AC interference.

Our mitigation design analyzes induced steady-state AC voltages, line-to-line ground faults and potential touch-and-step hazards. Elsyca IRIS software equips us with greater analysis capabilities for complex corridor layouts. With an in-house construction services team, we’re able to offer our clients the convenience of working with a single vendor from data collection through design, installation and post-installation testing and maintenance. 

Integrity Survey

Accurate data collection is the foundation of reliable AC mitigation design. Meridian's survey team is experienced with comprehensive integrity surveys to inform mitigation solutions, including Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) surveys, Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG) surveys and resistivity surveys. By combining expert integrity survey with engineering expertise, Meridian offers clients the peace of mind of working with a company that includes experienced specialists in data collection, analysis and design.

Best in class solutions:

  • Field work and data collection

  • AC Mitigation Modelling & Design

  • AC Mitigation Construction Installation

  • Project Commissioning

  • Project Management

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