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horizontal directional drilling
(HDD) - Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection Installations for Compact Areas

Safe, Reliable, Efficient HDD Installation

Meridian Pipeline Services horizontal directional drilling (HDD) services provide pipeline and facility operators the ability to install linear cathodic protection systems and AC mitigation in compact or environmentally sensitive areas.  Whether working in a facility under tanks, on the ROW, or an area where geological challenges for conventional or deepwell installation may exist, our team of experienced and qualified professionals use the latest equipment and technology to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient installation. 


Meridian Pipeline Services provides HDD Installations for the following applications:

  • Above Ground Storage Tank Anode Installations

  • Compact Area Horizontal Anode Installations

  • AC Mitigation Installation

  • Anode Flush/Reinstall Existing Systems

Our HDD fleet can directly install new anode systems and profile monitoring tubes directly into the soil or through flush and reload existing slotted PVC pipe to provide cathodic protection for above ground storage tanks (AST). Additionally, by utilizing our fleet of vacuum excavation trucks to contain fluids, Meridian can provide turnkey flush and re-installation services of existing under tank systems. 

Experienced Cathodic Protection Services

Meridian Pipeline Services offers a combination of expertise in all phases of cathodic protection and AC mitigation installation with an informed, consultative approach to comprehensive pipeline integrity and regulatory compliance. 

We offer clients fully integrated services backed by specialized knowledge and experience. Our employees have been involved in the development and execution of installation techniques that have been adopted as industry standards.

This commitment to exceptional quality begins with experts who have worked in the geographic areas they are familiar with, and are able to adapt installation plans to account for the varying conditions encountered when completing installations throughout the U.S.

Meridian Pipeline Services offers an array of turnkey cathodic protection construction services for oil and gas pipeline and facility operators.

  • Mechanical Excavation 

  • Air and Hydro Vacuum Excavation

  • Anomaly Digs

  • Repair, Replacement and Rehabilitation

  • Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) Installation

  • Test Station Installation

  • Cathodic Protection and AC Mitigation Material Procurement

  • Cathodic Protection Installation

  • Conventional Ground Bed

  • Deepwell Ground Bed

  • Linear Ground Bed

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

  • Painting & Coatings

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